Veena Malik
Pakistani actress Veena Malik (L) signs autographs for Indian school children at a summer workshop in Chandigarh.Reuters

Even as controversial actress and model Veena Malik's nude photoshoot on the cover of FHM (For Him Magazine) India sparked outrage in Pakistan, it has resulted in humour and anger unfolding in equal measure on social media Web sites the world over.

The small-time Pakistani actress and model reportedly posed in the nude on the cover page of the men's magazine FHM India. It incited vehement criticism from various social groups in Pakistan, including the government.

On the third day after the news went viral, jokes spread on Twitter and Facebook. One twitter user, Kiran KS, asked Veena Malik to join the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf led by Imran Khan. "Veena Malik should join Imran Khan's party as she has met the 'asset declaration' mandatory step," he tweets.

"I thought this day wud never come.. when Immy K and Veena Malik wud go head to head for media attention... and Immy K wud lose," tweets Adnan Rasool.

"I hate Veena Malik. She's just crossing limits for creating buzz in India," tweets Tej Pratap Kahlon.

There were angry posts on Facebook too. A group of people from Pakistan created a Facebook page called, "Veena Malik Should Not be Allowed to Enter in Pakistan."

"For God sake dp chang karo sharam k marey app ka page nahi khol pata ghar par app khud vulgarity ka hissa na bannu" (For God's sake, change your display picture, i'm ashamed to open your wall page ... don't want become a part of this vulgarity) wrote the administrator of the facebook page.

"Veena K ISI k tatoo k pichey ki wajah Hogi ....Isko Raw Likhwana chaiye tha" (There must be a reason why Veena has the ISI tattoo... She should have had RAW tattooed instead) the administrator added. "is aurat ko goli mar deni chahiye ye aurat k naam pe dhabba hai...pakistan aur islam ki mujrim hai....bal k isko musalman kehna hi nahi chahiye...." said Sana Salahuddin Makki.

Commenting on the latest FHM cover, Rabia Dastgeer said, "I hate veena malik.......she admitted that k usne tattoo bhe bnwaya n bold shoot b kraya" (I hate Veena Malik...because she admitted in print to being tattooed for the Indian magazine and allowed them to shoot a bold cover photo.)