Vee Kapoor and Prashant Ingole
Vee Kapoor and Prashant Ingole

Vee Kapoor is a British born Indian who has been working on his craft for many years. In a very small time, he has gained great success by being signed to Times Music and has had various performances in Europe. Vee Kapoor having a unique and distinct voice texture has gained appreciation worldwide for his ability to touch hearts with his music.

Prashant Ingole has been known as the modern-day Gulzar, his ability to put words and feelings together to write songs has been appreciated by a large range of audiences.
To name some of the many projects he has written for are movies Bajirao Mastani, Mary Kom, Malaal, and Race 2.

Vee Kapoor and Prashant Ingole are working on many projects together which include both independent and film music.

We look forward to this amazing collaboration and can't wait to hear the magic they will make in the industry.