Ajith and Shruthi Haasan starrer "Vedalam" has completely cashed in on Diwali's festive mood of the audience as the film has done amazing business, not just in Tamil Nadu but worldwide.

"Vedalam", which is also spelled as "Vedhalam", has raked in stupendous Rs 78.15 crore worldwide in the opening weekend, reports Andhra Box Office. While many trade trackers have said that the film has reached the 50-crore mark in Tamil Nadu in its first weekend, Andhra Box Office claims that the movie has earned Rs 46.65 crore in its home territory, creating confusion over the exact figure among the audience.

Nonetheless, it is a huge number and traders have praised "Vedalam" for its overwhelming performance despite heavy rain in Chennai and a few other districts in the state.

It has to be noted that "Vedalam" got entertainment tax exemption from the state government and the gross is the same as the net collection.

"Vedalam" has been well-received by the audience in Karnataka where it has earned Rs 6 crore with the net income of Rs 4.95 crore. The Tamil film has made Rs 4.35 crore in Kerala and the net business is Rs 3.45 crore. From the other parts of India, it has collected Rs 1.60 with the net business of Rs 1.15 crore.

The first weekend total in India stands at Rs 58.60 crore with the net business of Rs 55.75 crore. The six-day holiday weekend is the reason why the movie has done such a huge business, believe trade trackers.

From the overseas centres, "Vedalam" has earned just over Rs 20 crore. In the US, the film has collected Rs 1.75 crore, in the UK it minted Rs 1.35 crore and about Rs 70+ lakh each in France and Australia and the remaining amount from the rest of the world.

"Vedalam" has got good word-of-mouth and this is expected to do wonders for the movie at the box office in the coming days.