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Varun DhawanVarinder Chawla

Varun Dhawan is thrilled to have dubbed for Captain America/ Steve Rogers in Hindi, but social media users aren't too pleased. Some have even tagged his voice as "childish."

They have taken to Facebook and Twitter to express their disappointment over the studio's (Disney India) decision to rope in Varun to do the Cap's voice. Veteran dubbing artist Sanket Mhatre, who has lent his voice to English films before, is being sorely missed here. One of the many users has even started a petition urging makers to replace Varun with Sanket.  

However, not everyone went ninja on him, with some even calling the effort a job well done.

Varun, who shared some of those posts of Twitter, told Hindustan Times Monday that it was "challenging" going behind the microphone for "Captain America: Civil War" as the Cap is shown to be mature and balanced, something he isn't.

"It's a big film, and the action is huge. The moral of the story is what I loved too. I was also blown away by its trailer, and that got me interested," he told the leading daily. He also added that the franchise is popular among kids, which is one of the reasons why he took up the part.

Here's what social media users thought of the dubbing:

Anish Umarjikar: Marvel wanted to rope in a celebrity for marketing! But Varun Dhavan?!! He might as well have dubbed for Black Widow, that would've been more convincing!

Harsh: No no no please. Dhawan's voice is too funny for this one. He isn't perfect for Hindi dubbing of this movie. So please don't do this. Movie ki watt lag jayegi.

Kamran Khurshid: I hope somebody important from Marvel read what the Indians had to say about Varun Dhawan's dubbing and would never repeat such a travesty again.

Hiba Aijaz: Chris' deep voice and baritone and this...just coz you have a deal with Dhawan, doesn't mean you overlook the voice requirements, Disney. Disappointed.