Vanshika Verma Khare

Vanshika is from Bhopal , Madhya Pradesh . Her most profound innate talents is playing keyboard. Due to her father's railway job she had to change cities, Vanshika learned different things from different cities. Vanshika received a degree in Information Technology from MIT Engineering College, Pune and got her first job at HCL, Noida. After working at the company for six months, she got married.

She met few people in Mysore who were unable to understand a book that helped them in learning keyboard, using tough staff notations. Seeing the troubles of people trying to learn musical instruments, Vanshika decided to write a music book.

She created her first edition of the music book named "Playing Keyboard Made Easy Volume 1". This book made keyboard learning the easiest for all age groups & all levels as it used scientific pitch notation system, one of the system that uses keys like C,D,E,F,G,A,B which doesn't make use of any difficult staff notations that usually requires proper training. This novel system makes her music books unique. The novel scientific pitch notation system has been followed in all her music books, making keyboard learning even more comfortable.

Today her creations "Playing Keyboard Made Easy Volume 1" & Volume 2 have already garnered a lot of success with many lauding her writing & creativity. The third edition of her music book has been published in and will be ready to be published on Flipkart & as well within two months. Her other interests include chess and dramatics . She had won 2nd prize in 24th Annual officers' sports meet at Western Railway Officers' Association, Mumbai and first prize at Rangmanch -2007 ( Inter College Hindi Dramatics Competition, Pune ).