First Photo of Caitlyn Jenner
First Photo of Caitlyn JennerTwitter/Vanity Fair

Caitlyn Jenner, who became a trans-gender celebrity after being featured on the Vanity Fair July Issue cover photo, has been sued yet again for the fatal February car crash in Malibu. The four car crash, which resulted in the death of a 69-year-old woman, was brought to the notice of Los Angeles Superior Court by a talent agent Jessica Marie Steindorff.

Jenner, who was then still male and known as Bruce Jenner was driving a large SUV, when his vehicle crashed into a smaller white car. The woman in the car, Kim Howe died, and her stepchildren had earlier filed a law suit against Jenner, seeking compensation for the crash and Howe's death.

Jenner, who has now come out as a woman, was at the time harassed by paparazzi about sex change operation, and was reportedly even followed by them when she crashed into Howe's car. She is currently seen as a beacon of the LGBT community, after celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz clicked photos of her for the July cover of Vanity Fair magazine, which came out last week.

Jenner's coming out story will be told via the documentary series on E! next month.