Vanitha Vijayakumar has slammed Kutty Padmini for passing comments on her personal life. Her strong reaction comes after the latter allegedly gave advice to the former without her presence on her YouTube channel.

Vanitha Vijayakumar and Kutty Padmini
Vanitha Vijayakumar hits out at Kutty Padmini.PR Handout

The Bigg Boss Tamil 3 contestant stated that she would have received her advice if she had sent it personally and accused Kutty Padmini of passing the remark for "cheap publicity" for her YouTube channel. "Dear @KuttyPadhmini sorry to have to coment here but you spoke here not to me..u could have had me in an interview..I would have obliged since I respect u...but now u proved ur intensions...let me tell u one thing..ty for your worst suggestions on dumping my kids ...I m unlike u

your children's future in media...unfortunately I'm talented enough to earn money without involving gossip and useless talks about people who are not in my life...and u know what aka I HAVE A LIFE...I hope this gives you the cheap publicity ur looking for ur channel..god bless. [sic]" she wrote.

Adding further, she posted, "and have handled everything with dignity...u kindly do your duties as a mother to your kids as you have much more complications than I do...u settle ur daughters and take care of your life and health in this stage if life...don't worry about me..I'm definitely capable of taking

Vanitha Vijaykumar's Marriage Photo
Here is a photo from Vanitha Vijaykumar's wedding with Peter Paul.Nikhil Murugan

care of myself...none of u can or did cone to my rescue when I needed support..nor can u help me...SOCIETY wow for someone with a past like yours you shouldn't even be talk...I'm respecting your age and experience..but you really should stop trying to discuss other people in ur channel without them being only sitting and gossiping in your channel.. your talent to run your channel is very selfish and disgraceful interfering and discussing something behind their backs...especially u...should I review your decisions and give u suggestions on. [sic]"

Responding to her tweet, Kutty Padmini posted, "Hi Vanitha I am matured enough to say sorry if I have hurt you I bless you I feel sad u dint understand me. [sic]" In her follow up message, the actress said that she genuinely like Vanitha and she committed a mistake by posting her views on social media site.