Candice Accola
Candice AccolaFacebook/The Vampire Diaries

When the second half of "The Vampire Diaries" return later this month, Caroline will be seen rushing to find a cure for her mother's cancer and the last thing on Caroline's mind will be romance.

The same can be said for Stefan, especially now that Enzo has made it his life's ambition to destroy the younger Salvatore brother. Sadly, this has not stopped fans of Caroline and Stefan from hoping the characters would get together.

Interestingly, there are many who believe Enzo would be better suited for Caroline than Stefan, who has been reluctant to get into a relationship with the blonde vampire.

On the possibility of an Enzo- Caroline relationship, actor Michael Malarkey told TVLine: "I'm all for it. Candice [Accola] is just a joy to work with. She's got a real effervescent energy, and I'd love to have more scenes with her, romantic or otherwise."

"All romantic connotations aside, he considers [Caroline] one of his road dogs. She ends up getting swept up alongside some of the missions he goes on and, for better or worse, they pair up. I also think he appreciates her sense of tenacity and loyalty. Also, she just has this elegance which is also attractive to him."

The beginning of season 6 saw Enzo and Caroline bonding over their mutual aim to rescue Damon and Bonnie, and on more than one occasion, he has shown he cared for Caroline. Earlier in the season when Stefan's actions hurt Caroline, Enzo was shown confronting the younger Salvatore brother, and even killing Stefan's girlfriend.

Fans have also noticed that Enzo appears to be jealous of Caroline's attachment to Stefan, and this might be one of the reasons why he is out to make Stefan's life miserable. Enzo admitted as much in the previous episode, saying: I'm jealous of Stefan, he has what I want. Respect, family, girl he doesn't deserve."

It remains to be seen if Enzo and Caroline will have a future, but showrunner Julie Plec did tweet that Enzo will meet a girl when the show returns later this months.