It has been a month since Season 7 of "The Vampire Diaries" wrapped up by sending two of its key characters – Damon and Enzo [Ian Somerhalder and Michael Malarkey] – over to the dark side. Because this is not the first time both these characters are embracing their negative sides, fans aren't too worried about them, as they know that the rest of the gang will come up with a way to make Enzo and Damon get in touch with their humanity.

Bonnie, who is Enzo's girlfriend and Damon's best friend, seems like the perfect person to do this. But showrunner Julie Plec revealed in an earlier interview that Bonnie is going to feel out of sorts as her magical powers have been stripped away from her.

"Bonnie, out of everybody, is the one who's going to be just paralyzed by this struggle," Plec revealed to TVLine regarding Bonnie's future. "She has two men in her life — Damon, who's a platonic, but also deep, soulful best friend, and Enzo, who has really become her one true love — and she lost both of them in one fell swoop. In addition to that, she also lost her magic. She's starting at an absolute deficit in terms of being able to fix this problem. That's going to have a great impact on her."

While Bonnie might focus her energy into saving Enzo, speculations are rife that Elena will have to be awakened to make Damon see the light at the end of the tunnel. However, this means saying goodbye to Bonnie, who will die when Elena wakes up from her magic-induced sleep. If this happens, then Enzo will be the next big bad as Bonnie's death is going to send him over the edge.

"The Vampire Diaries" returns to the CW this fall. Plec has confirmed that Nina Dobrev's Elena will return to the show before it wraps up, and fans have already pinned their hopes on a romantic Elena-Damon reunion.