Season 8 of "The Vampire Diaries," which will probably be the last of the series, will introduce a new character named Seline that will be essayed by Kristen Gutoskie.

Seline will be responsible for taking care of two kids and Deadline has described her as a warm and nurturing nanny who is trying to find her place in a dangerous world. She is also someone who will desperately try to protect the ones she loves and is bonded to her new family in ways she can't explain.

At present, Alaric is the only one with children on the show, and with Caroline having rekindled her romance with Stefan, it looks like Seline will be attached to Alaric's family. However, it is not immediately known if she will play his new love interest.

Alaric has been unlucky in love and his one major love story was with Jo, who was killed off in the Season 6 finale by Kai, her evil twin brother. Season 7 saw him engaged to Caroline, but their relationship was more for the sake of the children than real love.

Season 8 is expected to be the last for Ian Somerhalder and Kat Graham, but will the show itself wind up with the upcoming season? According to executive producer Julie Plec, it might be too soon to say.

"Every time we enter a new season, we think, 'There's no more story to tell. We're done,'" Plec told TVLine. "And then when we start talking about it and we realize, 'Oh, great, we've still got a lot of gas in the tank.' Once we get into breaking Season 8, which will start in May, we'll really get a sense of where we are with these characters and with this world. How much do we still have left in the show? If we feel strongly that we need to keep going, we'll advocate for that; if we feel like there's nothing else we can do, then I might make a call up to the bosses. We won't know until we really start talking about it creatively."