"The Vampire Diaries" actor Ian Somerhalder recently posted on his Instagram account a trailer of the upcoming season of the vampire drama, which shows his character, Damon Salvatore, naked.

"Why is Damon naked in this new Vampire Diaries Trailer...?" Somerhalder wrote. Based on the comments Somerhalder has been receiving, fans of the actor, too, cannot wait to find out why Damon is naked.

The video features a scene where Damon walks into a room with just a towel wrapped around him, and he then proceeds to throw the towel on Alaric.

"You know, clothes would be nice," Alaric says.

The seventh season of the CW drama is going to be more dark and sexier than the previous seasons, and Damon's character, too, would have undergone a transformation.

"I'm excited to tell these f--ked up, dark, sexy, edgy, volatile stories," Somerhalder told TVGuide in an earlier interview. "Now we get to go back to really great storytelling that was the Season 1 and 2 of the show that we all loved. I want that Damon back."

Viewers will also get to see a naked Damon in at least two episodes.

So what has brought about these changes? Elena's deep slumber.

A sleeping spell was cast on Damon's girlfriend in the season 6 finale, and she won't be a part of his life as long as her best friend Bonnie lives. This means Elena will be away from Damon for at least six decades, and he is going to enjoy being a carefree vampire till then.

And one way of coping is by getting drunk, and he has Alaric and Bonnie for company.

"And now he has Alaric back on the bourbon wagon, because he's also been dealt the s–t end of life," executive producer Julie Plec told TVLine. "Bonnie has sort of taken it upon herself to be the uninvited chaperone, which is funny because she and Damon have so much unspoken between them — the guilt, the resentments, the gratitude, there's a list of things they're dealing with"

"The Vampire Diaries" returns to the CW on 8 October.