Season 7 of "The Vampire Diaries" will see Stefan and Caroline deciding to take their relationship forward.

Although Caroline will attempt to resist Stefan's charms and keep him at a distance, it will prove to be difficult with each passing day and it won't be long before viewers see them as a couple.

Paul Wesley, the actor who plays Stefan, recently revealed in an interview that it is nice to have a girl who is just interested in Stefan. Although the first couple of seasons of the vampire drama explored Stefan and Elena's romance, she was always conflicted about her feelings, and it wasn't long before she chose Damon as her soulmate.

"It's nice he has a girl who reciprocates," Wesley said, according to TVGuide. "Not that Elena didn't reciprocate, but I felt like Elena was constantly torn between the two brothers. It's nice to be with a woman who's not torn about being with you! She's all about [him]."

However, this doesn't mean Stefan and Caroline won't have their share of problems. The Heretics, Lily Salvatore's "family" has wreaked havoc in Mystic Falls, and their presence is expected to complicate things for Stefan and Caroline.

"Fans of the couple shouldn't expect this perfect romance, but what the characters feel for each other is very perfect," Candice Accola, the actress who plays Caroline Forbes, said. "So, if the situations aren't perfect, the intentions are still really good, so that's what they're fighting for through the chaos and the demise of Mystic Falls."

The actress recently revealed that she was pregnant with her first child, and since then speculations have been rife that "The Vampire Diaries" would potentially write in a baby for Caroline and Stefan.

But in "The Vampire Diaries" universe, it is impossible for vampires to procreate. So it is still a mystery how the show will deal with the pregnancy. However, Accola is confident that Caroline and Stefan would make good parents.

"They'd be very quick parents," she tells E!Online. "I think with vamp speed, that would definitely help with diaper changes. I don't know if they'd compel a baby not to cry? I don't know if that's cool for vampire parents to do."

"The Vampire Diaries" premieres on Thursday, 8 October, on The CW.