The Vampire Diaries
Ian SomerhalderFacebook/The Vampire Diaries

Season 7 of "The Vampire Diaries" is still months away, but expectations from the upcoming season is high, especially since this will be the first without series regular Nina Dobrev, who recently quit her role as Elena Gilbert.

The previous season ended with Kai casting a sleeping spell on Elena and binding her life with Bonnie's, thereby making it impossible for Elena to wake up as long as Bonnie was alive.

Although Elena's boyfriend Damon (Ian Somerhalder) was devastated, he had made peace with the fact that she won't be a part of his life for the next 60 years or so.

Does that mean he will move on in life to find yet another love interest? According to executive producer Caroline Dries, that won't be the case, as Damon's love for Elena was so pure that he wouldn't be interested in anyone else.

"The problem is that ... he [Damon] is still so madly in love with her [Elena]. It would feel false for him to meet someone else and have sparks and fall in love. The viewers also wouldn't embrace it; any girl who comes close to Damon gets clawed at with their opinions, so it's not something we're going to jump into as writers right away," Dries told TVLine.

However, fans have been predicting the possibility of Damon ending up with Bonnie, as the two share a great on-screen chemistry. Although she did not reveal what's in store for Bonnie, actress Kat Graham said she was excited to see how Elena's sacrifice will affect her relationship with Damon. It could either develop into a romantic one, or their friendship could be torn apart in season 7, Graham said.

"I'm hoping for both. I'm hoping that we see both sides of their relationship and how it can affect them both because it's obviously going to screw with Bonnie and him, but especially Bonnie," Graham told E!Online.