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Now that the Elena-Damon (Nina Dobrev-Ian Somerhalder) romance has come to an end, fans can expect Damon's storyline to go darker in the upcoming season of "The Vampire Diaries."

Damon will go back to what he was in the first two seasons; a selfish vampire who doesn't care about how his actions affect others. And this could result in him clashing with Michael Malarkey's Enzo, who has been Damon's friend since their time together at Augustine's.

Season 7 will explore more of Enzo and Lily's bond, and as Mama Salvatore butts heads with her sons Stefan and Damon, Enzo will most likely get stuck in between. And whichever side Enzo chooses, there will be serious ramifications.

The upcoming season will also reveal more about Lily's relationship with Enzo, who has deep-rooted feelings for the Salvatore matriarch. Although there isn't a romantic angle yet, Malarkey teased in an earlier interview that their relationship could go either way.

"He's eventually going to have to choose a side," executive producer Caroline Dries told TVLine. "In some ways, he feels drawn to Lily; she turned him and she's the only real family he has. But he's also friends with Damon, so it's going to create an interesting dilemma, and whichever side he chooses will have serious ramifications."

As for what else is in store for Damon, fans of Damon-Bonnie relationship will have a chance to see them get closer now that Elena is no longer in the picture. Although it is not immediately known if a romance is on the cards for them, Kat Graham, who plays Bonnie, told E!Online that fans will get to see different aspects of their relationship.

 "I'm hoping for both," she said when asked if Elena's absence will bring them closer, or tear them apart. "I'm hoping that we see both sides of their relationship and how it can affect them both because it's obviously going to screw with Bonnie and him, but especially Bonnie."