The Vampire Diaries
Ian SomerhalderFacebook/The Vampire Diaries

Now that Nina Dobrev's Elena Gilbert is out of the picture, season 7 of "The Vampire Diaries" is going to focus on Damon and Stefan Salvatore, and their relationship with mother Lily Salvatore.

The final moments of the previous season laid down the setting for season 7, which is expected to be dark. Fans of Somerhalder's character Damon are going to see a new side to the vampire, who for the past few seasons has been focused on his relationship with Elena.

"The last two scenes of the finale truly depict where the show is going," Somerhalder told People recently, adding that the show will be similar to what it was in the first two seasons. Somerhalder added that the upcoming season will have a "volatile, sexy" vibe; the "stuff that we all fell in love with. Season 1 and 2 of the show were so dark. It was awesome."

As to what he wants out of season 7, the actor said: "I want to get back to seeing an episode of the show and saying, 'Wow. That is a very well-crafted, put-together piece of material that is really going to affect people.'"

Somerhalder's recent statements have ruled out the possibility of Damon getting romantically involved with someone in the next season. The Damon of the first two seasons was more focused on getting his way, no matter who he kills in the process. A drastic change in his character became evident after he got involved with Elena, and it is highly unlikely we'll get to see that side of Damon again.

As to what fans can expect in the next season, executive producer Caroline Dries said that there will be less grieving, as Elena's final goodbyes have allowed her friends to move on in life.

"We're not going to do a ton of 'grieving,' besides Alaric who is grieving the loss of his future family," executive producer Caroline Dries told E!Online. "But Elena left on great terms with everyone and I think inspired them with her goodbyes. If anything, they're empowered by what she said and less grieving. They also feel freedom to have life after her. She granted them that."