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Bonnie, the character essayed by Kat Graham, has been missing from the happenings of Mystic Falls for an entire season.

Bonnie and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) got trapped in 1994 together, but being the good-hearted witch she is, Bonnie helped Damon escape Kai's hell. Following a drastic turn of events, Kai (Chris Wood) too managed to escape and is currently dealing with the repercussions of merging with Luke. But since being stuck in 1994 following obliteration of the Other Side, Bonnie has been living the same day for months, and when things got bad she tried to commit suicide.

The last we saw Bonnie, she had regained her will to live and was headed to Nova Scotia to see if she could use the magic in Qetsiyah's blood to make her way back home to Mystic Falls. The hints in the synopsis are too vague, but it does point out that Bonnie might face a few hurdles before she reaches home.

"Bonnie (Kat Graham) finds herself in an unfamiliar situation," the episode's summary states.

Elsewhere in the episode, Caroline (Candice Accola) will be planning her mother's funeral, but her friends get worried when Caroline starts behaving strange. However, it won't be her childhood friend Elena (Nina Dobrev) who will lend a supportive hand. Damon will give Caroline some advice, which will reopen old wounds. Helping Caroline "forces him to revisit painful memories involving his own mother," the synopsis teased.

As for Caroline and Stefan's (Paul Wesley) romance, it is too early to say where that's heading, especially as Caroline is currently grieving her mother's death. And in Stefan and Caroline's mind, the prospect of them dating is still uncertain, claimed executive producer Julie Plec.

"What's the first conversation you have after your first kiss?" Plec posed to TVLine. "Right now, something pretty dramatic has happened, so [next Thursday's] episode is all about judging what and when and how that first conversation is going to go."

Matt (Zach Roerig), who was forced to do Enzo's dirty work, will also make some serious changes in his life, sad Plec.

"He's about to embark on a new path for himself," Plec teases. "This experience, what he's had to go through being Enzo's little bitch boy and watching his friends all sink deeper into their supernatural lives, is going to make him take a stand and have a really clear point of view on who he wants to be."

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