The Vampire Diaries
The CW will air The Vampire Diaries finale on March 10.Facebook/The Vampire Diaries

The possible relationship between Kai and Jo was revealed on Thursday's episode of "The Vampire Diaries", when the witchy doctor confessed to Alaric that she came from a dysfunctional family.

In "Do You Remember The First Time?" Jo invited Alaric to a fundraiser for the hospital, and they soon ended up at her apartment. And while getting undressed before a mirror, Jo flashes to Alaric a scar on her stomach, which she says happened after her brother tried to kill her with a hunting knife.

Taking into account that Kai too earlier revealed that he has family left in the land of the living, and he is waiting to get back and finish them off, it's safe to assume that Jo is Kai's sister. However, it remains to be seen if she was the one who sent him to 1994 and trapped him there.

Meanwhile, the upcoming episode will see Damon, Stefan and Alaric heading to Portland to find a way to rescue Bonnie. The episode is titled "Fade Into You" and Caroline prepares to host a Friendsgiving at the dorm, to which Stefan isn't invited, but Enzo, Tyler, Jo, Elena and Liam are.

However, dinner isn't going to be pleasant, as Elena confesses to Liam about being a vampire, and Jo finds herself fighting for her life. As for the other characters, Tyler is determined to help Liv after she and her twin reveal disturbing information about their witch lineage and the plans their coven has for them.

The episode is going to end on a sad note as Kai makes a dangerous discovery that brings him one step closer to his release.

CW network has also released the synopsis of episode 9 titled "I Alone," which reads: "Damon finds himself in hot water after he carries out a plan that requires Alaric's (Matt Davis) unwilling participation. When Elena shares some hopeful news with Jeremy about Bonnie, she is caught off guard by his reaction. Liv helps Damon and Elena with their plan to get Bonnie back, but when things take an unexpected turn, she's left with a difficult choice to make.

"Elsewhere, Matt (Zach Roerig) takes matters into his own hands when Enzo's (Michael Malarkey) actions cross the line, and Kai's (guest star Chris Wood) existence continues to be a dangerous threat."