Paul Wesley
Paul Wesley has hinted about making an exit from 'The Vampire Diaries'.REUTERS

The midseason premiere of "The Vampire Diaries" is just a few weeks away, and The CW has released an official synopsis of the episode titled "Woke Up With a Monster".

The episode directed by Paul Wesley will pick up immediately after the events of season 6 midseason finale, which saw Kai casting a cloaking spell on Elena, Jo agreeing to merge with Kai and Sheriff Forbes being diagnosed with cancer.

 The episode will see Caroline and Stefan taking a trip to North Carolina in search of a cure for Sheriff Forbes' cancer. But Stefan will have his own reasons for travelling to North Carolina, and speculation is rife that it could be related to the real Sarah Salvatore.

Soon after the death of Sarah's mother, Stefan made sure that the baby was adopted by a good family and he has kept tabs on her through the years. He also revealed in the first of the season that Sarah was Art Major at Duke University.

Meanwhile, back at the Salvatore mansion Liv and Alaric will be shown preparing Jo for the impending merging ceremony, and they soon realise that Jo is weaker than they expected. Defeating Kai is not going to be easy, but over the course of their time together Liv emotionally reconnects with her older sister.

 "She actually has sisterly feelings for Jo which are starting to re-emerge," executive producer Caroline Dries told Alloy Entertainment. "In fact, in the next episode, as she reunites Jo with her magic and reminds her how to perform spells, Liv starts to realize, 'Oh shoot! This is a lot of work. Jo has a lot to learn. What have I done?'"

Here's what the episode has in store for the other characters: "More powerful than ever, Kai holds Elena captive while he learns to control his newly acquired magic...When Damon discovers Elena has been kidnapped by Kai, he is forced to rethink his strategy after an unexpected visitor throws a wrench into his plan. Jeremy, Matt, and Tyler also appear."