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After Stefan Salvatore's visit to New Orleans in Season 7 episode 14 "Moonlight on the Bayou," it's now time for the Mikaelsons to come to Mystic Falls.

The April 8 episode of "The Originals," directed by actor Joseph Morgan, will see yet another crossover with "The Vampire Diaries." According to TVLine, Elijah and Finn will travel to Mystic Falls after Freya is kidnapped and they will come face-to-face with Matt Donovan, who has vowed to make his hometown vampire-free.

Finn's interactions with Matt are going to be interesting, as it was the deputy who first killed Finn and destroyed his bloodline in Season 3 of "The Vampire Diaries." 

Revealing what's in store for Matt and Finn when they meet, "The Originals" executive producer Michael Narducci hinted at the two coming to blows.

"For me, as a creator, what's really exciting is that Matt was the one who killed Finn in season three with a white oak stake and so now it is Finn, who has recently been brought back to life with magic to rejoin his family, is now coming face-to-face with the guy who killed him," he told Access Hollywood. Even though Matt is just a human, he is tough enough to take down an Original if the circumstances are favourable, pointed out Narducci.

Fans will also see Klaus and Hayley discussing the best way to raise their daughter, Hope. Calling their conversation a turning point in their relationship, Narducci said:  "We're going to basically see Hayley and Klaus have a pretty intense debate over what is best for their family, what's best for them, and what is best for their child."

The duo will be working together to uncover the motive behind Lucien's secret agenda, and Kol's unusual behaviour leaves Davina concerned for their future together, the official synopsis for "Behind the Black Horizon"  stated.

New episodes of "The Originals" and "The Vampire Diaries" will air Friday,  April 1 on the CW.