The Vampire Diaries
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"The Vampire Diaries" character Elena, played by Nina Dobrev, is not dealing well with the death of Ian Somerhalder's Damon, and the next season might have her turning into her boyfriend, a fan believes.

And many believe this theory could be right, as the newly released trailer of "The Vampire Diaries" season six shows her killing and threatening people, akin to Damon in season one. To prove her theory, "The Vampire Diaries" fan StrongElena has brought together a side-by-side edit of Damon and Elena to show a similarity between what's happened in the past, and what is being featured in season six trailer.

"Elena (Nina Dobrev) looks like a perfect functional young lady working at the Medical Centre, what worries her friends and family, after all, she lost the love of her life," the fan wrote. "But when the night falls Elena spends her time impersonating Damon, wearing his leather jacket and killing people in the middle of random roads." 

Also, the latest poster of "The Vampire Diaries" season six shows Stefan dragging Elena, probably in an attempt to help her embrace her humanity. And, because the two are paired together in the poster, a number of fans of Elena-Stefan relationship have got their hopes high, and many are hoping to see their favourite couple reunite. But that might not happen, and Dobrev said earlier that this would show that her love for Damon wasn't true.

The poster, which shows most of the characters in a state of chaos, also shows Bonnie with Damon, and Caroline appears to have fallen down and lost her way in all this confusion. As for her future, executive producer Julie Plec told Collider in July that Caroline is going to have a "terrific storyline," which is going to be big.

And in the romance department, Paul Wesley said he would love to see his character with Caroline. "I want them to make out, I want them to make it dirty, I want them to get sexy, I want them to just go at it, and then see what happens. Then if they wanna be friends it's cool but they'll still have that night, you know?" he told Collider.