Ian Somerhalder Nina Dobrev
"The Vampire Diaries" actress Nina Dobrev does not seem to be happy about her ex-boyfriend Ian Somerhalder's new achievement.Reuters

While the world is praising Ian Somerhalder for his new achievement with the hashtag #DirectorSomerhalder, Nina Dobrev has not yet said a word of appreciation to her ex boyfriend. In fact, she is no where seen in the celebration of his success.

The CW recently aired 16th episode of "The Vampire Diaries" season 6 titled "The Downward Spiral", in which the 36-year-old donned the director's hat. In order to celebrate this milestone in his career, the actor decided to arrange a get together with fiancee Nikki Reed and co-stars.

The celebs, including Chris Wood,  Zach Roerig, Michael Malarkey and Matthew Davis, watched the show together on TV last Thursday, 12 March,  and the "Twilight" star posted a photo of it on Instagram. But Ian's ex-girlfriend and co-star Dobrev was nowhere seen in the image. 

Earlier, it was reported that the actress is jealous of former beau's fame and fortune so it could be the reason for her ignorance. Meanwhile, a recent article by Hollywood Life claims that the 26-year-old actress did not make any effort to promote the episode through her social media accounts.

Fans of Somerhalder and Dobrev may not even see them together on TV in future as the actor does not seem to be very optimistic about their onscreen romance. 

"I don't think that's absolutely going to happen, but I think they're trying. The situation is very intense and it's hard. But you definitely see [him putting in effort] and you don't always see that side of him. So, that's cool," he said.