It might not be the last of what we hear regarding 'Vampire Diaries' star Ian Somerhalder and his ex-girlfriend, Nina Dobrev. Her decision to quit the show in season 6 has scarred the cast members of the CW show and if rumours are true, then Ian Somerhalder will follow his ex-girlfriend's footsteps and quit "Vampire Diaries" after season 7.

Furthermore, there have been several reports that suggest that Ian is quite unpopular among the rest of the cast members on the show. A recent article claimed that most of the cast prefer to work with Nina and it seems Ian hasn't taken it well.

Perhaps Ian feels victimised since several reports suggested that Nina left because she couldn't get along with Nikki or Ian.

In fact, the feud between Nikki Reed and Nina has been one of the most widely reported subjects of 2015. Rumours about Nikki and Nina's dysfunctional friendship have been written about. However, none of them have spoken about it to confirm or dispel the tension between them.

Ian's decision to quit "Vampire Diaries" is perhaps due to the trauma in his personal life. After all, the actor is reportedly distancing himself from the rest of the cast on the show.

Meanwhile, the ratings for the latest season of "Vampire Diaries" have dropped and many have speculated that the CW may not renew the show for another season. If this is indeed true, then fans of Damon Salvatore will miss him as well as the love he shared with his former co-star Nina Dobrev, who played the role of Elena.