According to La Repubblica, the people injured by the stabbing incident were two Spanish fans and an American. The fight broke out ahead of the Europa League clash between the two sides on February 14.

A local bar owner told the Italian daily that there was silence and the fight suddenly broke out

"Everything was quiet, when suddenly we heard shouting and the sound of broken glass. We rushed to the window and saw guys with hoods armed with clubs and batons that were attacking other guys," said the local bar owner to the daily.

Lazio Sevilla fight

The clashes between the fans of Lazio and Sevilla occurred in Monti, near the Colosseum in the historic centre of the Italian capital city of Rome. La Repubblica further said that nearly 40 people were involved in the brawl which was eventually broken up by police in riot gear.

Meanwhile, the Gazzetta dello Sport daily reported that instead of three, in fact, the number of people being treated in hospital for stab wounds after the attack was four. This fourth member is a British man and he is reportedly in critical condition.

The report in Gazzetta dello Sport also said knives had been used in the attack while adding that along with the British man, one of the Spanish fans was also critical. However, the other Spaniard and the American were said to be less seriously wounded.

In what might have been an extremely painful ordeal, another daily, Corriere della Sera, said one of the injured fans dragged himself bleeding along the street to call for help from passersby.

Lazio Police Fight
Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

Lazio and Sevilla will face each other in the first leg of their Europa League round of 32 clash on Thursday at the Stadio Olimpico. One can only hope that the incidents prior to the game do not spoil what promises to be a fantastic game of knockout football. The Italian club will be expected to take precautionary security measures to make sure there is no repeat incident of such violence in the stands on Thursday night.