Valentine's Day
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Most men are not into public displays of affection and cringe at the thought of acting mushy to please their loved ones. But with Valentine’s Day round the corner, men are sure to get emotionally blackmailed to make the occasion a memorable one.

Here are a few tips on what not to do this Valentine’s Day.

Do not pressurize: Do not over-hype Valentine’s Day. Girls have a tendency to constantly call or text their partners to remind them how special the day is. But this can only lead to the guy being pressurized.

Do not propose: Valentine’s Day is supposed to be all about love, agreed. But generally, it is a bad idea to get down on your knee and pop the question on the day. Why? Because in most cases, men feel they are under a lot of pressure to do so. A proposal on Valentine’s Day is expected, is a cliché, and is uninspired.

Do not gift exercise equipment: Gifts can be a tricky aspect of Valentine’s Day. An exercise or gym machine might send out the wrong message to the girl you are trying to woo. Girls might construe it as an indication that the guy wants them to lose weight, and it is absolutely not what you want your partner to think on Valentine’s Day.

Do not suggest spending the day with friends: While it is a great idea to spend the day of love with a close friend when you are single, it is definitely not a wise move to suggest the same when a significant other is in the picture. Women tend to look at Valentine’s Day as an occasion when only they are allowed to be pampered. So, to avoid trouble in paradise, it’s best to ditch your friends on Valentine’s Day, and concentrate on your loved one.

Do not go on a first date: It is a bad, bad idea to go on your first date on Valentine’s Day, simply for the reason that expectations are usually high on what is considered to be the most romantic day of the year.