Valentine's Day
An intimate table setting.Reuters

Going out for dinner on Valentine’s Day can cost you more than you are ready to part with, as the menu is sure to be overpriced. But now, staying home for a romantic dinner can cost you much more, especially if the cook is a Michelin-starred chef., a British retail luxury site is offering the services of top chefs, who will cook a no expense-spared romantic dinner.

The cost of the dinner is said to be $99,300.

The site has teamed up with chef Adam Simmonds and to prepare this feat.

The dinner will include Almus white caviar, spring white truffle, and gold leaf and silver leaf to name a few. The dinner will be accompanied by an expensive selection of wine which included a $27,720.20 bottle of La Romanee-Conti, Domaine de la Romanee-Conti, according to reports. The meal will end with vanilla and smoked chocolate with kopi luwak ice cream.

Check out the entire menu here.

“Each dish has been created with romance in mind and to allow the spectacular ingredients to work their magic, in both creating delicious food and the perfect mood for romance,” Simmonds said, according to Mail Online.

Marcel Knobil, founder of VeryFirstTo, added: “The menu awakes all the senses and the luxury element further intensifies the pleasure of this meal.

“VeryFirstTo will also be enhancing the experience by covering the table in rose petals; releasing a dozen white doves, lighting 50 rose scented candles, and entertaining the couple with a harpist and a romantic poet.”

The menu can be altered to fit the needs of the consumer, Knobil told CBS News, and added that they have a strong customer base.

“There are significant segments of consumers throughout many territories of the world who have a great amount of disposable income, and more and more are not as willing to buy luxury off the shelf," he said. "They would much rather have something that’s bespoke."