Valentine's Day 2017, importance of Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day 2017REUTERS/Faisal Mahmood

As millions of people celebrate Valentine's Day on Tuesday, February 14, some of the popular television celebrities have expressed their views on the importance of the special day in their lives.

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Meera Deosthale (Chakor) of Udaan said: "Love is an unconditional commitment; it is a promise you make to someone to love and respect them regardless the situation. To me, love is an expression which grows with every passing day, especially when you have your partner by your side. I hope that everyone has a very special Valentine's Day with their loved ones. Love to one and all!"

Vijayendra Kumeria (Suraj) of Udaan believes that at times it becomes difficult to express love towards each other. So one should take the opportunity to tell their loved ones how much they are loved.

Jigyasa Singh (Thapki) of Thapki Pyaar Ki said: "I think love is like a healing therapy. Even if one is far away from the person one loves, one always know that one is still loved. And, I think this knowledge gives one more courage and power to take up any challenge in life. I am a strong believer in love and wish everyone who has experienced this emotion a very Happy Valentine's Day."

Manish Goplani (Bihaan) of Thapki Pyaar Ki believes that love is about understanding each other. If the bond between two people is strong, they can overcome any situation in life. He added that people should celebrate and express their feelings towards each other during Valentine's Day.

Kasam...Tere Pyaar Ki actor Ssharad Malhotra (Rishi) said: "Love, to me, is a very strong emotion. It is something that is to be felt, and need not be commercialised as much as people tend to do on Valentine's Day these days. I really believe that it should be about having love in our lives – whether it is from our families or from that special someone. Having said that, I would like to wish my friends and family a very Happy Valentine's Day, and thank them for being there for me."

Dil Se Dil Tak star Sidharth Shukla (Parth Bhanushali) believes that love and compassion are necessary to sustain a relationship. The actor also said that it is important to be loving, forgiving and being supportive towards each other.