Love was in the air in Hong Kong as 25,000 LED roses lit up the harbour front on 13 February. Originating in Seoul, South Korea, the mass public installation project Light Rose Garden – Hong Kong landed in the territory as part of its world tour. Led by its creative team, Pancom, together with Hong Kong NGOs and other companies, around 80 people planted the roses ahead of Valentines Day.

So the main concept of this project is to spread love and happiness to many people. So anyone can come and enjoy here with their family and friends and their lovers. Thats the main idea and its a garden so anyone can come anytime. So we were looking for a project to do at night, so something to do at night and thats we combine light and roses together, said Pancoms director, Yong Jin Jung.

The exhibition is meant to celebrate the different vibes brought about by Valentines Day from the West and the Lantern Festival (which is Chinas equivalent of the western Valentines Day).

Yeah I think I think it is a bit (romantic) and I think its awesome. Its rarely, I mean relatively there is little chance to have these kinds of installations in Hong Kong, said accountant, Bernard Fong, posing for photos with his girlfriend.

Pancom said in its press release that white roses symbolise pure and innocent love. Every illuminating white rose in the garden is waterproof, consists of an LED light and is surrounded by seven layers of petals. Lights will be on from 6pm to 11pm every evening and will last until 22 February.