Happy Valentine's Day 2017
Happy Valentine's Day 2017Reuters

Valentine's Day is around the corner and many cupid-stricken people could be breaking their heads to find a right gift for their loved ones. Some may think of expensive things but it is love and not the cost that matters. The fact is some of the most romantic gifts are cheap and at your disposal.

Some psychologists are of the opinion that it is the experience and not the gift that makes a person feel special. So, you can make your special somebody feel loved with simple things you can afford, and here are five cheap yet romantic gifts you can think of this Valentine's Day:

1) Flowers: If you think flowers as a gift is outdated, you are wrong. It might be one of the most common and age-old practices, but it will always be relevant for the simple reason that there is perhaps no one on the face of the earth who gets bored of flowers.

2) Candlelight Dinner: It can be boring to see the same four walls of your dining hall every day. Giving a different touch to the room can change the mood of the people living in it and you can create that aura by changing the light setting. Let candle light fill your room for once. Dinner with your loved one with silhouettes of room decorations swaying around can blow off the minds of cupid-stricken people.

3) Book: You can find almost all information you want on internet but there is nothing like books for ardent readers. So, gifting a book, maybe a romantic novel that suits Valentine's Day, will be a great idea if your loved one loves reading. Ardent readers find pleasure in reading good books in the privacy of their rooms or in a quiet place.

4) Love Poem: Many find it difficult to express their feelings to their loved ones straight on the face but can do so in writing. The truth is many find it easier to put down one's thoughts and feelings in writing than express in person. So, a personalised handwritten love poem can bring tears to your loved not because of sadness, but out of happiness.

5) Homely Food: Life has changed. Many families with both the spouses working may find hard to find time for each other. Many end up spending more time in hotels than their own dining room because of hectic lifestyle. So, specially prepared home-cooked food can not only come as a treat, but also surprise your loved one.