Valentine's Day
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With the fast approaching Valentine's Day, and technology having a say in your daily life; smartphone applications (apps) can even find new dates, celebrate love and share things that are important to your partner.

We bring you top 10 apps that will help you to plan the special event carefully and make you and your partner have a special day together.

1. Love Quotes - This app gives users a collection of best love quotes and sayings that can be shared with the loved ones. Users can browse by different categories like cute, funny, flirty, sexy, girly, romance, poems and so on. The app has a big inventory of images with words inscribed in them. This app was also suggested by The New York Times. Download the app freely for Android and for iPhone. The Love and Romance Quotes app by XStudio Technologies for Android is also helpful.

2. 101 Romantic Ideas - If users are short of ideas for a romantic encounter with their loved ones, then this app will fit the bill as it will provide the user with numerous ideas for their romantic date and they can thus be prepared for the special day. Download the app freely for iPhone. Though there is no similar app on Android, there is one by Juniper Islet that can be helpful.

3. Valentine's Day Music Radio - Users of this app can set the tone of their special day by turning the mood romantic with music. Instead of hankering after various radio apps or audio tracks, the work is reduced for people who download this app. The app has a stylish interface with a pink living room that has a spinning record player with 10 different stations to choose from. The app also has a timer that can be set to the stop the music. Download the app for iPhone. Though there is no Android version of the app, the one by nimaxy can be helpful.

4. iValentine App (greeting cards) - This app lets users to send professional cards for the Valentine's Day. Users can select the style, color and font, for their greeting. They can either e-mail it to their loved ones or MMS it. There is both the free version as well as a PRO version. Even if you are busy, this app will help you to send and keep in your loved ones know that they are not forgotten. Download the app on your Android and iPhone devices.

5. 30 Day Relationship Challenge - This app will motivate both the partners to have a challenge that can rekindle your love life for the next thirty days. The end result is but a stronger relationship. The app will suggest you daily romantic activities that do not require a great deal of money or planning, and there is always the possibility of swapping it for another activity or it will give you ideas to add one of your own. This app will help both of them to show their care and how much they are committed and will let relationship grow stronger and you will feel closer. The app is only available on Android.

6. Let's Date - People feeling miserable of not having a date this Valentine's Day need not worry as there are apps for those who are looking to end being singe and try out some dating apps instead. Lets Date is one such app that needs users to connect to their Facebook account without showing it on the News Feed or on posts. Users have to set up their profiles with their interests and picture and then they can anonymously brows through profiles of others and hit Lets Date on any profile they prefer. If there is a reply of Lets Date on your profile too then the match is done and the date is set.   This app is only available for iPhone devices.

However there are other dating apps like OkCupid Dating (Android and iPhone) and Tinder app (Android and iPhone)

7. My Valentine Recipes - Spice up your Valentine's Day with special plans of cooking and there are apps at your disposal for helping you with it. This app will help the user cook a decent dish with hundreds of dishes for your choice both on the food and the drink front. The recipes of the dishes are accompanied by several pictures to inspire you. There is also an ingredients-required list that will help you when you are at a mall shopping. The app is available only for iPhone (costs $0.99).

Android users can focus on cooking cupcakes in the Valentine's Day Recipes Cupcake app where users will have cupcake recipes and instructions to make.  

8. 1-800-Flowers - Do not forget to surprise your love a bouquet for her favorite flowers or the stereotypical bouquet of red roses.  This app will allow users to choose from different set of flowers and the flowers will be delivered to the address of your loved one. The app also delivers gifts so this is an added benefit for the user. Download the app for Android and iPhone.   

9. Craftsy - This app allows users to learn via videos and craft their own personalized gifts in a DIY style. This app also has videos that range to as different tops as cooking knitting, sewing and more. Users can only download the app for iPhone since there is no Android version.

10. DateEscape - This is an important app that is necessary in case a date turns terrible and you need to escape from it. This app will be able to fake phone calls, text messages and MMS making it easier for the user to exit in a polite way.  The app has customizable caller setting with name, location, carrier and image. Download the app for iPhone (costs $0.99), there is no Android version of the app.