Love is one of the most beautiful feelings one can experience and fortunately, we have not just one day but an entire week to express our love to our loved ones. The celebration that started with Rose Day on 7 February will end on 14 February with Valentine's Day.

The day of romance has been celebrated in various ways over the years. People gift chocolates, roses, teddy bears, customised articles, greeting cards and other gift items to their partner.

In fact, lovebirds gift each other according to each special day of the Valentine week. The week begins with gifting roses to your loved ones. The following day is the day you express your love by proposing him/her and then, pamper your partner with chocolates and teddy bears the next two days.

The roller-coaster ride of love has its ups and downs. But what makes it worth all the trouble is the commitment. So, after Teddy Day, comes Promise Day that is about making some new promises and trying to fulfil the old ones to strengthen your relationship. Then, to hold your partner close to your heart, Hug Day is celebrated, followed by Kiss Day. And finally, the actual day to celebrate your love arrives as Valentine's Day on 14 February.

Here is a list of each special day of Valentine Week:

Rose Day: 7 February, Sunday

Propose Day: 8 February, Monday

Chocolate Day: 9 February, Tuesday

Teddy Day: 10 February, Wednesday

Promise Day: 11 February, Thursday

Hug Day: 12 February, Friday

Kiss Day: 13 February, Saturday

Valentine's Day: 14 February, Sunday

Nowadays, social media has become the platform to wish your loved ones from any corner of the world. One will see several pictures of couples and friends who will celebrate the Valentine week.

Check out the slideshow of picture messages for each day of love.