Saptagiri from Vajra Kavachadhara GovindaPR Handout

Cast: Saptagiri, Viren Thambidorai, Vaibhavi Joshi

Director: Arun

Many films, based on treasures hidden in and underneath the temples, are made in Tollywood and these kind of stories are nothing new to the Telugu speaking audience. Vajra Kavachadhara Govinda, which released on Friday is very much similar to many other treasure hunt films, and is nothing but old wine in a new bottle.

With a peppy intro number, that has nothing to do with the story, the film begins and it tries to establish the lead character as the society's hero. Govind (Sapthagiri) is a petty thief who has no luck in his life and deprived of some good days in life. He meets Narayana (Viren Thambidorai), an archaeologist who has been working for a long to decode the password for a safety locker. The minute he meets Govind, everything in Narayana's life falls in place, and so he thinks that Govind is the right person to find where the treasure in the temple is. They go to the village where the temple is located and Govind has to win the faith of the villagers to enter the temple. Meanwhile, he falls in love with Sundari (Vaibhavi Joshi). Without not letting Sundari know the purpose why Govind has come to the village, he has to steal the treasure. What happens next is something you have to watch on screen.

The first half is all about establishing the characters. In these kind of films, we expect some thrilling elements or some VFX. But with none of the much-needed thrilling elements are present in this film. Instead, in the climax, it turned out to be a silly story with no sense. To be honest, it would have been better if this film was a shorter in length.

Talking about the heroine, Vaibhavi Joshi looks amazing on screen. Though her presence on screen is for a shorter time, she has done well in her role and looks like she has the potential to do much better roles.

Though there are Saptagiri and other comedians in this film, the film fails in tickling your funny bones. Director Arun needs a little more experience to handle these kinds of scripts.

Unless you have no other options to choose, then you can go for this random drama over this weekend.