Vaibhav Verma
Vaibhav VermaPR handout

YouTuber and Tabla player Vaibhav Verma is now set launch his first music album 'Awaaz' to be launched on 18th December. He will be recreating the Punjabi hit in his version with Tabla.

Vaibhav says our youth need to be motivated about the 'glory of tabla'.

"I enjoy playing tabla. And with my passion I aim to inspire Indian youth about playing tabla. Our youth need to be motivated about the 'glory of tabla'. Tabla is one of the most basic and versatile percussion instrument. Tabla being a classical Instrument, knowledge of tabla creates your base for music especially for those who are interested in percussion instruments. It soothes the mind. I feel totally refreshed after playing Tabla. Learning Tabla as a science is very vast and exhaustive in itself with different styles of different gharanas. This makes it very interesting..Riyaz (practice) is the most beautiful part of it. You see yourself developing your musical skills, slowly moving towards perfection with speed. Be it any song, you always have different styles to present it. Tabla improves coordination. You never get bored, your fingers are always ready to accompany any song with sheer perfection even in the absence of Tabla, be it on your office desk, table, anything. You create your own variations and this really boosts your confidence and Tabla skills. Learning any musical instrument is socially honourable as well as knowledge of music (be it any) is considered attractive."

'Awaaz' is the popular track from punjabi movie 'Qismat' the song is a soft romantic number. The song sung by Kamal Khan, the song has lyrics by Jaani and music by B Praak featured some romantic shots shared between the lead pair Ammy Virk and Sargun Mehta.