Jai-Swati Reddy's "Vadacurry", which hit the screens on Thursday, has received positive reviews from critics.

"Vadacurry" is a comedy thriller film written and directed by debutant Saravana Raja, a former assistant of Venkat Prabhu. The film, produced by Dhayanidhi Alagiri's "Meeka Entertainment", has Swati Reddy (female lead), RJ Balaji, Kasthuri and Arul Doss in pivotal roles. Sunny Leone makes a special appearance in a song sequence along with Jai.

Story: Sathish (Jai) hails from a lower middle class family and works as a medical representative. He gets teased by his friends and colleagues for owning a low cost mobile and this tempts him to buy a costly phone.

One day, Sathish accidentally finds an iphone at a tea shop and plans to return it to the owner. But his close friend Karikalan aka Vadacurry (RJ Balaji) convinces him to keep the phone with him. Sathish starts using the mobile with his SIM card. But when he sees his brother (Aruldoss), an auto driver, returning 20 sovereigns gold found in his auto, Sathish has a change of heart and decides to return the mobile phone to the owner. He gets kidnapped by a gang owing to mistaken identity. As he tries to escape from the gang, his friend Vadacurry gets abducted. Sathish also uncovers a medical scam involving illegal sales of the drugs. What happens next forms the crux of the story.

Here is the reviews roundup of "Vadacurry"

Rajasekar S of Cinemalead said, "First of all Vadacurry is smartly packaged. The director starts with the introduction of each characters and takes time to settle down till the interval, of course till then we have a beautiful picturized Sunny Leone song and cool love story of Jai-Swathi along with some comic one liners of RJ Balaji. Once the director gets into the main theme of revealing the suspense he doesn't have any confusion, the film moves at rapid pace and with the running time of just 2 hours and 2 mins the film is definitely engaging."

Regarding the performances, Indiaglitz said, "It's a tailor made role for Jai and thankfully the actor does not remind us of any of his earlier films. He emotes well and his dialogue delivery has improved a lot. RJ Balaji elevates to the next level in comical supporting roles. Seems he will not spare the film 'Settai' which got him into a soup. However we can soon expect him to share screen space with star actors."

"Swathi looks good and has limited scope to perform. Arudoss and Kasthuri who has acted as his wife fit the bill. Venkat Prabhu and his brother Premji appear in impressive cameos," the website stated.

Sai Shyam G of iflickz said, "The movie gains some momentum towards the intermission, and a twist gives the much needed vigour to the screenplay. The second half has some engaging moments, but the climax again becomes too weak. Overall, the movie works in parts, due to inconsistent pacing and screenplay."

On the technical aspects of the film, Behindwoods Review Board said, "Praveen's editing is crisp, especially the portions in the second half. The little clock transition portraying the time lapse, when Jai waits for Swathi, is a notable piece in the post production department."

"Merwin Solomon and Vivek Shiva have done a neat job with the background score that kept the movie engrossing all the way. The i-phone song (Ullangaiyil Ennaivaithu) is a creative master-piece with brilliant visuals that features the plight of Jai, packaged inside a mobile phone," the website stated.

Verdict: Clean Entertainer