4-seater aircraft crashes in UP

 In a tragic accident, a young trainee pilot lost his life while flying a TB 20 aircraft. The solo-pilot trainer aircraft crashed in a field in Azamgarh. The police are still investigating the crash. 

The pilot was Konark Saran a 21-year-old from Haryana was a trainee at the Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi in Amethi. 

21-year-old trainee pilot dies in an air crash

On Monday, an aircraft had crashed in a field in Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh. The flight was manned by a 21-year-old who had a good flying track record at the Academy. The flight was found in the middle of a field in Sarai Mir. The aircraft had been found in a pile of pieces in the field.

Saran was supposed to return to the academy, but he began losing control of the aircraft after he lost communication due to bad weather conditions. A spokesperson of the institute was quoted as saying, "Saran had 125 hours of flying experience as a trainee, including over 52 hours solo. He was a skilled trainee pilot with a very good track record. Prima facie it appears that his aircraft got caught in dense cumulonimbus clouds, which led to the incident." 

Aircraft crash

The flight had taken off at 10:30 am this morning and crashed at 11:30 am. The Azamgarh SP Sudhir Singh told ANI, "It was a solo pilot trainer aircraft. The pilot flew for Mau and was supposed to return to the academy but lost communication & crashed. The academy has been informed about the accident."

The aircraft had only a single pilot with no one else on board. Fruther investigation into the matter is still underway.