Sreshtha Thakur UP
Sreshtha ThakurFacebook/AS Thakur

Shrestha Thakur, a policewoman from Uttar Pradesh who made headlines last week after she stood up to a few BJP workers, was transferred to Bahraich district on Saturday, July 1. The officer was reportedly transferred to "keep the pride of party workers intact."

Thakur was transferred along with other deputy superintendents and more than 150 police personnel in a major shuffle by the state's BJP government. BJP city president Mukesh Bhardwaj admitted that Thakur, who was stationed in Bulandshahar district's Syana Circle, was transferred to "keep the pride of party workers intact," local media reported.

The woman officer had slapped a fine of Rs 200 against one of the BJP workers named Pramod Kumar for not wearing a helmet while riding his motorcycle. This led to an argument between Thakur and the party workers who protested against the action taken against Kumar. Thakur had also sent five BJP workers to jail for 'obstruction of duty'.

In a video that vent viral last week, the officer was seen taking UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath's name and asking the protesting party workers to get a written order from the CM saying that they were exempted from police checking.

Thakur was a;so seen scolding the BJP workers for allegedly breaking traffic rules and demanding relaxation. She accused them of "doing goondaism on the name for being BJP workers and maligning the name of the party."

Thakur was transferred after 11 party MLAs and MPs had a meeting with CM Adityanath over the matter. She posted on her Facebook page saying that she was happy and that she accepted the decision as a reward for her good work.

"Got transfer to Bahraich, it's Nepal border, don't worry my friends I am happy ..I accept it as a reward for my good work. U all are invited to Bahraich," Thakur said on Facebook.