Video of Girl thrashing eve teaser goes viral
The girl thrashed the boy for allegedly eve-teasing and hurling abuses at girls. The incident took place inside a police station in Pilbhit district of Uttar Pradesh.Screenshot/Facebook/SIJO K JOSE

The video of a girl thrashing a boy inside a police station in Uttar Pradesh's Pilibhit district for allegedly eve-teasing and abusing girls has gone viral and has split social media users. 

In the video, the girl is seen hitting the boy with her shoe for about 40 seconds even as the policemen present there do not seem to be interested in stopping her.

In fact, when the video starts, one person (apparently a cop) behind the camera is heard saying, "chal beta, maar" ('come child, beat'). 

One of the police officers, visible in the video, can also be seen laughing as the girl was beating the boy.

Towards the end of the video, the girl is heard asking the boy to bow down at her feet and apologise, which he does, after which the police ask him to explain why he abused the girls.

The boy in the video has been accused of passing lewd comments at the students outside Saraswati Vidya Mandir Inter College and hurling abuses at them, according to an ANI report.

Pilibhit Superintendent of Police (SP) JK Shahi said that he has directed an investigation into the matter.

Facebook users were divided over the girl's act. While some called her brave and applauded her for "teaching him (boy) a lesson", others were of the view that she should not have done that inside a police station.

Some even claimed that she was either a relative or friend of some police officer.

Here are some comments on the post carrying the video.

In support of the girl

Abbas Bin Mahmood:  "... when somebody get teased at that point nobody thinks whats right and whats not.. Its just she has taken enough so she is taking her revenge by her own.. I agree wid the whole situation." 

Mohamed Shajith: "Great punishment to the person good I really appreciate the girl." 

Afreen Rajani: "Ofcourse it is just... I think whatever she did was totally right and just to herself... If I was at her place I would have burned him down with kerosene n fire. Did anyone take a video when the girl was being harassed? No. That is why some of u are feeling sorry for the guy." 

Sireesha Sanjay: "With extent of abuse on women in our country now, this is not wrong !! In comparison to the mental agony Eve teasing victim goes through this kind of reaction from her is not surprising ...every victim would want to react this way." 

Satish Kumar Meka: "Yes this is the perfect treatment that she given to the eve teaser I agree with the situation that the girl had faced at the moment she done exactly what she had to do." 

Criticising her action

Bilawal Khan: "M totally against eve teasing but what this girl did even this is not right... Its more shameful for Indian justice that this whole thing happened in police station where the work of police officer performed by a civilian... To (two) wrong never make a right...." 

SIJO K JOSE, in response to Khan:"Yea! if it was on the street, I mean at the spot, I totally agree with the girl. But it is police station." 

Sandhya Amirichetty: "Wrong rites to beat him...indecency...whn we ve law n order its their duty to tc of boy...who knows he may have grudge on her in long run....."

Ayyub Ibn E Ahmed: "I m totaly against on eve always a girl right ? this is not the right way to justice".

Kugan Pillay: "...  guess the girl might know the police as her relative or fly friends or else they wont allow to do like this and at top of it to record it. Stupidity overloaded".

Anju Sherin: "Well... she was performing for the camera... if she had reacted at the spot it would have been a different thing..."

Zacque Whosane: "with this incident .. we will remain as a Third Country National...this is a job of a law enforcement...civilian should never interfere once the case goes under the law..." 

Shraddha Prasad: "what the boy has done is absolutely wrong, he should be punished for what he has done but.. legally. on the other hand, any civilian cannot use violence in front of law/police. so here, the police should have done what the girl is doing and gave her the justice".

A girl beating a boy who used to continuously harass her and pass abusive comments on students passing. - Is it justice?

Posted by SIJO K JOSE on Monday, July 6, 2015