Reliance LYF prices dropped in India: 3 months unlimited Jio 4G data with LYF smartphone starts at Rs. 2,999
Reliance LYF prices dropped in India: 3 months unlimited Jio 4G data with LYF smartphone starts at Rs. 2,999Reuters

The commercial rollout of Reliance Jio 4G LTE is still sort of a mystery. While the company claims to be on track to launch the high-speed 4G services in India, a fixed date hasn't been announced for the public rollout. The company, however, seems to be moving forward carefully. After opening a trial of Jio 4G to users on an invite-only basis last month, the company has taken the next step towards the commercial rollout.

The official Jio website,, is now live and the company is taking registrations from interested users for a network trial. The website offers a glimpse of what the users can expect from Jio's app ecosystem, which includes apps such as MyJio, JioChat, JioPlay, JioOnDemand, JioBeats, JioMags, JioXpressNews, JioDrive, JioJoin, JioMoney, and JioSecurity.

As the names of the apps suggest, they offer access to various content services offered by Jio. MyJio serves as a gateway to Jio apps, JioChat is an instant messaging app for enhanced messaging, voice and video calls, JioBeats offers access to millions of songs in different languages, JioJoin can convert non-VoLTE smartphones to make HD voice and video calls, JioOnDemand is a platform for streaming movies, TV shows, music videos and trailers, JioXpressNews is a news aggregation app, JioMoney is the company's own mobile wallet app for recharges and payments and JioDrive lets users store files on cloud.

The investment banking division of the infrastructure finance company, IDFC, revealed that Jio will have 90,000 mobile cell sites with 608 million GB data per month capacity across the country at its launch, IANS reported. Though a specific launch date is not known yet, the company is widely expected to roll out the 4G services to public by December this year.

In a recent presentation at the Morgan Stanley investor summit, the company said that it had 0.5 million users as of April and the average monthly data consumption per user exceeded 18GB within the first month, LiveMint reported. Reliance Jio has nearly 120,000 employees, their families and business partners on its high-speed networks.

While the company has started taking registrations from interested users for its Jio services, it remains unclear when exactly it will start responding to them. According to a report by ET Telecom, registered users will get a call from a company representative within a few days with instructions on how to buy a 4G connection.