OnePlus Confirms USB Type C Port For OnePlus 2: Everything We Know About The Upcoming Flagship So Far
OnePlus 2 Release Date And Specs: Company Confirms USB Type C Port In Its Latest TeaserOnePlus Official Forum

USB Type C connectors is a hot topic in the consumer electronics industry these days. Following Apple's latest Macbook, Google Chromebook Pixel and Nokia N1 Tablets, smartphone makers have also started featuring the port on their upcoming smartphones.

On Tuesday, OnePlus officially announced through its official Twitter handle that the upcoming OnePlus 2 smartphone will feature USB Type C connector. Another smartphone maker Samsung is also rumoured to feature the same port in its upcoming flagship smartphone Galaxy Note 5, which is about to be released at the IFA event this September.

One can easily speculate that USB Type C is the next happening feature for devices in the coming days. Google has also announced that the upcoming operating system Android M will support USB Type C connectors.

Reading the name, you can easily make out, USB Type C is the next generation connector, but it can actually deliver much more than just charge your device.

Here are some important features of USB Type C connectors you must know:

All in One

According to a HowToGeek article, using alternate modes the USB Type C ports can support an array of protocols for allowing you to output HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort and other type of connections using a single port. So you can connect to an external hard drive, TV, projector or any other devices using a single port.


The USB Type C connector is much compact than its predecessors, hence it can be featured on any laptop, smartphone and tablet to enable charging of all electronic devices using a single charger.


The new miniscule shape of USB Type C connectors helps to support several USB standards including USB 3.1 and USB PD (Power Delivery). Thus, device makers can make their upcoming products more compact and slim than ever.

Charge your Device

Can you ever imagine charging your laptops using power bank devices we use for charging our smartphones? You can actually do it once USB Type C gets the required popularity.

Not Synonymous

The USB Type C and USB 3.1 are not synonymous ports. The USB 3.1 is an upgrade to USB 3.0 and offers 10GBPS data transfer speed in comparison to USB 3's 5GPBS. The USB Type C is actually a connector shape and can either offer USB 2.0 which Nokia's latest Android tablet N1 offers or can be based on the latest USB 3.1.