Usain Bolt, the world's fastest man, may run his way to more and more glory in the world of athletics, but the unstoppable Jamaican can indeed be vulnerable when a segway scooter attacks him from behind.

American sprinter Justin Gatlin came close to toppling Bolt in the 200m finals of the ongoing IAAF World Championship in Beijing on Thursday, but it was a photographer on the motor vehicle who did the unthinkable on the day.

Bolt dashed his way past Gatlin and the six other athletes at the Bird's Nest stadium to win the gold after recording a time of 19.55 seconds -- 19 milliseconds ahead of Gatlin.

And while the Jamaican celebrated at his victory with his nation's flag around the neck, a Chinese cameraman -- riding on the scooter -- lost his balance and took out Bolt from behind. The trackside camera rail caused the dis-balance, and the muscular athlete toppled and fell right over the cameraman.

The cameraman, on his part, fell right on his back, and was lucky not to fall head-first in the ground. Bolt soon performed a back somersault to stand back on his feet, and limped off ahead.

However, no serious injuries were sustained.

Laughing off the incident later, the 29-year-old said that Gatlin had "paid off" the cameraman to take him out, and Gatlin only reverted that the cameraman didn't "complete the job".

"I did not actually hit a cameraman, he took me out. The rumour i'm trying to start right now is that Justin Gatlin paid him off, so... (laughs). I'm alright," Bolt said in the press conference.

Gatlin responded: "I want my money back. He didn't complete the job."

"It was pretty scary when it happened, but I'm fine, accidents happen. I've a few cuts, but it's nothing that I've never done to myself in training , so I'll be alright," Bolt added.

"He said he was sorry, and i checked with him to make sure he was ok, because I think he got the worst of it, because he was off balance, and had fallen backwards. Not sure if he hit his head, but I'm just happy he is ok, and I'm fine, so its all fine."