A Texas woman was arrested on Sunday after her act of setting the Bible on fire caused panic and immense loss. The woman started the fire in her backyard by setting the bible on fire, which got out of hand and engulfed two houses, including her own duplex.

The incident took place on a Sunday and the San Antonio Fire Department responded to the scene at 7:30 a.m. It is unclear what led her to burn the bible, but charges are yet to be filed and she has been taken into custody.

Panic struck residents

Texas fire

Despite the massive fire that engulfed two row houses, no one was injured. But the estimated loss is expected to be around $150,000 in damages.

One of the residents, John Bailey, who claims to live next door, told Fox 29 News: "I ran out, tried to use my water hose to kind of spread it off and make sure it didn't get to my sister's house." Bailey said their five dogs have been sent to animal shelter until they find a place to live.

The aftermath of the fire shows the roof of both homes severely damaged and partially collapsed. The woman was immediately taken into custody, but her identity has been kept a secret. The police are also investigating the cause of the fire.