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A 58-year-old tourist from the United States reportedly called police after a hotel in Gujarat asked her to leave with her 14 pets. At the time of check-in on Tuesday, April 9, Nauren Flower had seven dogs, six cats and a goat.

The hotel owner had requested Nauren to check-out due to complaints from other guests, but she refused to leave. However, she called the police and lodged a complaint against the hotel owner.

"We asked her to leave as we don't allow pets. She said she won't leave as her booking was till April 11 and called the police," said the manager of Ahmedabad's Hotel Silver Springs, Pradeep Aggarwal. "We are suffering huge losses. Many people are checking out of my hotel. Despite repeated pleas, she is not ready to part with them. She is calling them her family," he added.

Even the local police were in a fix over the matter. The Ahmedabad Police Control Room had asked the cops to reach the hotel to ascertain the situation. But they failed to convince the tourist to let her pets stay at a separate place.

The police officials said that the tourist told them she wouldn't leave her pets as the hotel was booked till Thursday, April, 11.