Emergency personnel are seen at the scene of a blast outside a metro station in BrusselsReuters

American Mormon teen Mason Wells survived his third terror attack that took place Tuesday in Brussels. Wells was also present in Paris during the November 2015 attack by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria and in Boston when a bomb exploded during a marathon in 2013. 

Wells, 19, was in Brussels with three other missionaries, Richard Norby, 66, and Joseph Empey, 20, Tuesday. They are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and were near the Zaventem airport to drop off a colleague, 20-year-old Fanny Rachel Clain. Wells, who was injured in the attacks, went through surgery and is recovering. In 2013, Wells was only a block away from the explosion that killed three and wounded many in Boston.

"It's incredible he'd be so close to more than one of these," Bishop Scott Bond of the Latter Day Saints Church in Sandy, Utah, told the New York Daily News. "I think any of us would be seriously shaken, but I think he's someone who could handle this better than anybody. He's the kind of young man to somehow turn this into a positive. He's a terrific young man." 

All four missionaries were injured in the attacks that killed at least 30 people. Wells suffered burns and serious damage to his foot, ABC News reported.

"Hopefully he's run his lifelong odds and we're done," Chad Wells, Mason's father, was quoted as saying by ABC News. "I think it will make him a stronger person...Maybe the Boston experience was there to help him get through this experience." Chad also said that he was grateful that his oldest child was alive.