Samsung Galaxy Note Edge
Samsung Galaxy Note Edge- The Galaxy Note Edge smartphone blends the best of the Galaxy Note 4 experience with an intuitive second screen, evolved S Pen and superior viewing experience to create the most innovative and powerful mobile experience on the market.Samsung Mobile

The United States might be Apple's bastion, but Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has beaten its smartphones - iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus - in terms of user satisfaction, according to a survey conducted by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI).

Samsung Galaxy Note 4, which was released in October last year, scored 86 points out of 100 in ACSI's customer satisfaction chart for smartphone devices, while iPhone 6 and 6 Plus stood in the second spot with 82 points, tying the score with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S5.

Moto X stood in the third spot with 81 points, three devices - LG G3, iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4 - shared the fourth spot with 80 points each, while Galaxy S3 stood in fifth spot with 79 points.

It is worth mentioning that the recently released Galaxy S6 wasn't included in the chart, as its sales hadn't started at the time of the survey.

Meanwhile, the Apple Inc and Samsung Electronics are tied in the first spot in terms of overall scores among the smartphone-makers. According to ACSI press release, "Apple advances 1 percent to 80, going head-to-head with Samsung (-1%)."

"Despite its high-scoring phones, Samsung may find it difficult to chip into Apple's market share because of the need to overcome the brand appeal that is Apple's mainstay," said David.

ACSI Director Van Amburg said, "Samsung gained an initial advantage as the first manufacturer to introduce large screens for smartphones, but with the launch of large-screen phones by Apple, its loyal customers have little reason to look elsewhere."

Interestingly, Apple and Samsung are archrivals in smartphone market and their devices, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and Galaxy Note 4, were released at around the same time last year.