The US Defense Department has released a video showing an airstrikes hitting the Islamic State group's cash storage facility in Mosul, Iraq, on 11 January. The US-led offensive destroyed millions of Daesh money. 

The soundless video clip shows the target facility, which used to store "millions", before and after the airstrikes. 

The video shows the money in the facility, which was hit by two 900 kg bombs, flying around and settling on buildings nearby. 

"It was a good strike. And we estimate that it served to deprive ISIL of millions of dollars," General Lloyd Austin -- head of the US Central Command -- told CNN. "And combined with all of the other strikes that we've done on ISIL's gas and oil production and distribution capabilities and strikes against his economic infrastructure and the various sources of revenue, you can bet that (it) is feeling the strain on his checkbook."

"ISIL needs those funds to pay their fighters, to recruit new fighters and to conduct their various maligned activities," he said. "You know, we said from the outset of this campaign that to defeat ISIL, we're going to have to take away its ability to resource." 

On 11 January, the US-led coalition had struck the Isis cash storage facility in Mosul, which claimed seven lives. The US was prepared for more casualties since the target was significant. The coalition has increasingly started targeting the moneymaking operations of Daesh such as outbound oil trucks from Syria. 

You can watch the video of the US-led airstrike here: