Roger Federer admitted the reason he lost the US Open 2015 final to Novak Djokovic was pretty simple: "Because of the mistakes I made. I have to get better at that."

Had he not made those mistakes at crucial times – he only converted four of his 23 break points – Federer would have been the one with the title. However, when it came to those big moments, Djokovic did not give an inch and Federer failed to produce those big shots he so often does.

In the end, the Swiss great went down to Djokovic 6-4, 5-7, 6-4, 6-4 in three hours and 20 minutes, but he will wonder "what might have been" had he won a few more of those break points.

"I had too many break chances," Federer said. "Of course some of them I could have done better, should have done better, you know, all these things.

"Surely he didn't give me much and all that, that's for sure, but still I should have done better. I am very disappointed.

"I had my chances on my racquet. I should never been down in the score the way I was. But Novak did a great job of fending them off, and, you know, all of that.

"It was a tough night, but still, I don't know, thrilling at the same time."

While Federer could not leave New York with the title, what he will take away from this US Open will be the crowd support, particularly in the final. About 99% of the crowd only wanted one man to win, and Federer admitted he was overwhelmed by the unbelievable support.

"To receive the crowd support that I did receive, I don't consider that normal," Federer added. "I always say. Say like it feels like you're winning, as well, but I felt like I was sort of up in the score, they kept me going, and that's definitely one of the reasons I still keep playing, because of these moments, goose bump moments. It's great.

"It's just so nice to feel that, you know, that they want you to get back in the match, they want you to win. They enjoy what they're seeing. Feels like they're getting their money's worth.

"I guess it's entertainment to some extent, as well. It was a great battle, and I'm happy the people stayed after the rain delay (the final started three hours late) and that they were right there when I needed them to the very, very end.

"So of course there is a just a letdown and disappointment that I couldn't push it to 5-All [in the fourth set], and then who knows what happens? I should have never been down in the first place two sets to one and 5-2. That was a bummer there."

Federer has failed to find a way past Djokovic in big Slam finals in recent times, and the 17-time champ believes the Serbian will win many more majors after winning his tenth Grand Slam crown with this US Open victory.

"I think he's playing very well," Federer said of his rival. "Are you kidding me? I think he's doing really well. He's having a wonderful season, like in 2011.

"He's just really consistent. Seems like there are not many guys that can hang with him, don't have the tools or dare to go forward, or they aren't dare to serve and volley against him because he's so good on the return. Which he is. He's perfected his game on the hard courts, no doubt about it.

"He was always a great clay-court player, and because he moves as well as he does, he's solid and consistent now on the grass.

"To say the least, it's very impressive. He's having an unbelievable career. I think everybody knows that he knows that, as well.

"Clearly he can win many of them. He already has a ton, so obviously he's got to stay healthy and all that stuff and hungry, but obviously you would think he will win more."