While the votes are still being counted across the United States, the early trends were more than enough to find out whether the US midterm election results toed the expected lines or rambled far from predictions. By wee hours of the Wednesday, Republicans were already leading in 198 seats while Democrats surged ahead in 178 seats in the House of Representatives.

Midterm, Election Day 2014 Guide: Here are information on how to find polling states and where to vote and get live updates.
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Those who flipped the seats, either ways

Starting with the Pennsylvania, the highest-stake and all important seat, which the Democrat John Fetterman turned in his favour. Fetterman, state's lieutenant governor, defeated Republican Mehmet Oz, a celebrity doctor and first-time candidate. It was a face-off that even Republicans admitted to being a significant one. "This is a must-win race. We believe if we win Pennsylvania, we win the majority," said Steven Law, president of the preeminent Republican Senate super PAC, reported the CNN.

It was a development that made Biden post a happy picture of himself congratulating some of the Democrat winners. Democrat Greg Landsman also beat incumbent Republican Steve Chabot in Ohio's first Congressional district. However, Republicans have flipped as many as six Democrat House seats, which is already one more than the minimum number of seats they need to take control of the House.

US President Joe Biden
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No red wave, after all

Contrary to what was vehemently projected by the Republicans, no red wave took over the nation. The outright rejection of President Joe Biden's administration also did not happen and the results were far more mixed. Democrats showed resilience and Republicans, who hoped to cash in on, issues like inflation, rising crime, historical trends, among others, could not do so.

Also, the races in Georgia and Nevada are too close and ones that could determine the fate of the Senate for the next two years. Predictions, meanwhile, continue. As per NYT, the results are 48-47 in favour of the Democrats, while CNN expects them to be deadlocked at 48 each.

Thirty-five Senate seats and all 435 House of Representatives seats have gone to the ballot. Thirty-six governors' seats are at stake too. More than 46 million Americans voted ahead of the Election Day, either through mail or in person, as per date provided by US Election Project.

India-connect in US election

In Maryland, Indian-American Aruna Miller has made history by becoming the first immigrant to win lieutenant governor's office. Meanwhile, entrepreneur-turned-politician and Democrat Shri Thanedar also became the first Indian American to get elected to the US House of Representatives from the state of Michigan. Thanedar, 67, pipped Republican Martell Bivings.