When the most vulnerable section of society—children—are subject to unspeakable crimes, we fail as humanity. And in times like that, it is paramount for the law to ensure that perpetrators of such heinous acts are brought to justice to restore faith in mankind. In such an example of justice prevailing, a 35-year-old US man was sentenced to 60 years in federal prison for molesting a 7-year-old child and filming the acts.  

Mark Allan Miller, 35, from Rowlett, Texas, was indicted in June 2020, and in March 2022, he pleaded guilty to two counts of production of child pornography. Miller's shocking actions came to light when the victim's father walked in on him while raping his daughter (who was 9 years old then).

Inviting the Devil In

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According to court documents, the incident occurred on 12 January 2020.  The victim's father informed the police that Miller—who had been his friend for over 10 years—was spending the night at their home. He explained that he heard a noise and went to inspect it. Upon entering the living room, where Miller had been sleeping, he found that Miller was missing.

He immediately rushed to his daughter's room where he found Miller raping her on the floor. While he reached out to the police and waited for them to arrive, he held Miller at gunpoint. Describing his relationship with the victim as "a little too close," Miller confessed to law enforcement authorities that he had been touching the child inappropriately for years.

The victim was taken to the hospital immediately and to the Rockwall Children's Advocacy Center after that. There, the authorities received confirmation that she had been raped by Miller on several occasions. It was also learnt that he not only photographed the child's genitals but also showed the pictures to her.

Exploiting Several Children

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Miller's interrogation revealed several horrific details about his abusive ways. Upon being confronted by authorities about the victim's photos, he confessed to producing child pornography. Through forensic analysis of the electronic devices owned by Miller, law enforcement officials found that he had taken 132 images and made at least five videos of pornographic nature: all of which involved the victim. Some of the images dated back to two years, when the child was only seven years old.

During the sentencing hearing that was held on Thursday, a forensic analyst from the Rockwall Police Department testified that over 8,000 pornographic images of other children were also found on the electronic devices owned by Miller. It was also revealed in the testimony that the rapist had used a sexually explicit image of the victim (the current case) as a screen saver. Miller was handed the statutory maximum sentence by Jane J. Boyle, District judge of the US District Court for the Northern District of Texas.