Obama speaks about the situation in Iraq in the briefing room of the White House in Washington
Russian government reportedly was behind a cyber attack,where in the hackers accesses sensitive information related to US president Barack Obama.Reuters

US President Barack Obama has claimed that America has now replaced China as the number one country for investments.

"Before I came into office, China was determined as the best place to invest among the world's investors and companies. The United States is now back where it belongs as the number one country to invest and we're actually seeing manufacturing come back to the United States," Obama said during a DNC Event in Austin, Texas on Thursday.

The US President said that while his country has made remarkable progress in the last few years, ordinary people haven't seen much of an increase in terms of their wages and incomes, due to which they are finding it tough to pay routine bills at the end of the month.

Obama said that his administration has made some good decisions for the country's growth, following which 10 million jobs were created and unemployment rate has become the lowest since September 2008. First half of this year, jobs have grown faster than any time since 1999, he added.

He also explained that his government has saved the auto industry, stabilized the financial system and put in place laws for predatory lending.

Touching upon issues like immigration reforms, minimum wages, unemployment benefits, equal pay for equal work and climate change, Obama stressed the need for Congress and Republican Party to work on these issues.

"We still have millions of people around the country who are our neighbors and our friends and the friends of our children, but who are still living in the shadows because we haven't passed immigration reform. There are children who are still in schools that aren't teaching them, and they're going to have a real hard time finding ladders into the middle class," he said.

The President also called upon the people to cast their vote in the forthcoming midterm elections in the country.

"American people agree with us on minimum wage. They agree with us on equal pay for equal work. They agree with us on immigration reform. They agree that we should be doing more to help young people go to college. Across the board, on the issues, the American people agree with us. So why it is Congress isn't working and the Republican Party can't seem to respond? It's because, especially in midterms, half of us don't vote," Obama quipped.