A still from Caitlyn Jenner's new show
A still from Caitlyn Jenner's new showYouTube/ Screenshot

The United States Supreme Court on 26 June finally gave a seal of approval to legalise same sex marriage in across 50 states in the country. And President Barack Obama, who did not really support gay marriage when he started his presidency, seems to have come a long way to accept it. But why is Caitlyn Jenner not going all ga-ga about the President?

Recently, Inquistr (via Gossip Cop) reported that President Obama complimented Caitlyn Jenner and spoke about her Vanity Fair cover in his speech.

"Today 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' is history. And all you have to do is look at this month's cover of Vanity Fair to see how America is more accepting of people for who they truly are. It takes courage to share your story. Your story matters in the fight for LGBT rights," Obama said.

When Obama was all praise for Caitlyn, why is she holding herself back from crediting the President?

The news of legalising same sex marriage must have made Cait very happy, but she is not all praise for President Obama and doesn't want to give him the entire credit, reports Hollywood Life.

"Caitlyn's all about love, especially now that marriage equality has been recognized by the Supreme Court. She's got nothing but love in her heart [and] is very happy with the changes that are being made in our country," a source said.

Apparently, Caitlyn is a true supporter of Republican party and doesn't want to sound too pro-Obama.

"She is keeping things close to her vest and doesn't want to show that she is giving all the praise to Barack. At the end of the day, Caitlyn is a Republican and she wants to make sure that her support ultimately praises her party, even though they aren't necessarily on board with these major changes that are happening on Barack's clock!" the source claimed.

If these reports are true, then maybe Caitlyn Jenner is celebrating the newly-legalised US gay marriage rule.