The much desired Daylight saving time 2014 starts in the US on Sunday.
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The much desired Daylight saving time 2014 starts in the US on Sunday.

The day literally marks the beginning of spring.

Who wouldn't be happy to finally welcome the days when people would be able to enjoy an extra hour of sun in the evening?Americans knocked down by a spate of chilling blasts in recent days, most notably, the Polar Vortex; are welcoming the daylight saving time 2014 with extra zest.

One of the greatest causes for celebration and indeed the harbinger of spring is taking millions of Americans by excitement.

Here are Top 10 things to know and be happy about:

1. By now everyone must have known that it officially begins Sunday, March 9 at 2 am.

2. What the Daylight Saving Time essentially means is that time 'springs' forward or automatically goes forward by one hour. 2 am, just automatically means 3 am on the morning of March 9.

3. Everyone should have set one's clocks ahead by one hour before going to bed on the night of 8 March.

4. Or some fools would have unnecessarily stayed up until 2 am just so that they could set their clocks. No harm in that though!

5. iPhones and certain computers do this automatically. But do not presume every machine around your home and office knows that time has suddenly jumped forward by an hour. Your microwaves don't do it. Other telephones, time displays on refrigerators, TV, cars etc? Not sure!

6. You know it only too well that this means you will lose an hour of sleep in the morning. Oh no?

7. But the extra hour of brilliant sun light you will see from Sunday onwards will simply make you forget you slept one hour less.

8. The concept of Daylight saving time can be traced all the way back to 1895. Did you know this?

9. More importantly, do you know when this ends? Winter timing will start again in November 2.

10. Did you know that we have Bejamin Franklin to thank for the days ahead? Franklin, most famous for composing the famous proverb, "Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise," was among the first to suggest the Daylight saving time.

Following are some of the most amazing posts made in Twitter regarding the start of Dayling Saving Time 2014: